v2: be your true mind.

Dream of butterfly...

Welcome to Cloud Illusions — a website collective home to all of my love letters — small fansites for things that live in my mind and heart rent free.

You are currently viewing version 2.0: ~be your true mind. It features Maki Sonomura from the video game Megami Ibunroku Persona and flower sprites from Persona 2: Innocent Sin.

What's New

20/07/23 - i've affiliated with aelyn of the lovely! i've frequented their wonderful domain many times so i was incredibly grateful and happy when she reached out to me. her designs are so beautiful and i'm in love with how she structures her content on each page. if you haven't already please give her a visit!

i haven't had much time to update this year, mostly due to work, but partly because i'm still going through an online web dev course. it's been a bit of a struggle as my brain doesn't process information as well as it did over a decade ago, but i've recently been able to create layouts using flexbox and css grid which has made my life so much easier! i wish i had this knowledge before creating this domain, but that's the beauty of learning, right? i hope to update my sites with the new skills i've learned soon. (i actually quit my job last month so in-between job hunting i should be able to update more frequently from now on. fingers crossed...)

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