v2: be your true mind.


A collection of love letters to things that live in my heart & mind rent free. Mostly the media I was obsessed with during my formative years.

Please note, these sites are currently hosted on my personal website: They are all mostly incomplete and will eventually be moved over here once they are more presentable.

retasu midorikawa fansite button - jishin

{ jishin }
for: retasu midorikawa, my favourite magical girl
online since: 31st january 2022

sumia fire emblem fansite button - flora fortuna

{ flora fortuna }
for: sumia, the sweetest klutzy pegasus knight
online since: 15th february 2022

sasuke uchiha x hinata hyuuga fansite button - hiraeth

{ hiraeth }
for: sasuke x hinata (please be nice when browsing)
online since: 14th april 2022